Michigan at Antietam Reviews

“This does tell the story of Michigan at Antietam like no other source does. All kinds of great stuff. It’s a great story.”

''Civil War Talk Radio''

“The Civil War has been retold many times, in many books, but this is the first book to recount the role that Michigan’s troops played in the epic battle at Antietam in 1862. The authors have done extensive research to uncover accurate details portraying the troops involved with Commanding Officer McClellan’s campaign. They tell the story, then include many notes, lists of names, and backstories, including that of 1st Lieutenant John A. Clark of Company D, 7th Michigan Infantry. They go into detail about the events following the battle as well as discuss the battle of Shepherdstown and other conflicts. This historic compilation will delight any Civil War buff.”

Kazoo Books

Kalamazoo, MI